Officials said that after a fire broke out on Thursday morning, a man was taken to the hospital. The fire apparently involved fireworks at the McGee Potter house.
Before 3 am, firefighters were called to their home on Bank Street. When they got there, a raging fire burst out from the second floor.
Fire officials said that there were fireworks in the home, and investigators are investigating this may be the cause of the fire. Neighbors reported that a popping sound was heard when the fire was burning.
Officials said that one person, one of three adults in the family, was severely burned to death. He was taken to the hospital for treatment.
The crew was able to put out the fire in about 25 minutes, but the damage to the house was great. The second layer was destroyed, and the first layer was damaged by water and smoke.
The windows on the second floor blew. 3 people live here. The chief fire officer said there was a serious fire on the second floor. There is water and smoke damage on the first floor. The Red Cross assists the people who live here. @WPXI
The burned wife Colleen Murphy (Colleen Murphy) said that they held a fireworks display and legally purchased the fireworks. She believes that plugging in a fan will cause some kind of electrical problem, which will cause the fireworks to go out and cause flames.
“I woke up with a lot of pop music, pop music, and then I ran away. I couldn’t even see it in the attic. There was a lot of smoke there, but I could see fireworks falling everywhere, outside the window. I was surprised It didn’t go through the roof,” Murphy said.
Now: The Bomb Squad has just set off some fireworks. They put them on the lawn of McKeesport’s house. Watch @WPXI. The real-time report disappears instantly.

Post time: May-21-2021