The celebrations on July 4th this year may be different because of supply chain issues and high prices causing problems for wholesale and retail fireworks suppliers.
Although the cancellation of major events in 2020 led to a decline in the industry’s display business, Roberto Sorgi, owner of Hudson-based American Fireworks, said that because people celebrate with firecrackers and other products at home , The nation’s retail business has increased by more than 100%.
Sorgi said that the supply chain issues are complex. First, the fireworks supplier placed a large order in 2021, but the factory is not ready yet. But prices did not start to rise until the Suez Canal was blocked for six days in March.
He said that due to increased demand and insufficient supply, transportation costs have risen by more than 200%, leading to continued price increases.
“Most fireworks wholesalers are completely out of stock, and we have not even reached July 4,” Sorgi said. “They have sold everything to retailers, and there is no inventory to give, so this has a big impact. Retailers across the country are panic about trying to find products and try to buy products, which has also caused prices to rise. Little bit.”
He urged consumers to buy products as soon as possible and to be patient with shipping time and small inventories.

Post time: Jun-09-2021