182S Fan shaped cake

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182S Fan shaped cake 
Packing: 1/1
Type: Professional fireworks-Fan shaped cake
Category: F4
Calibre: 20mm
Number of shots: 182S
Total powder weight for each shell: About 2300g
ADR: 1.4G
Packaging:  5-layer corrugated standard carton
Delivery time:  About 45 days after contract signed. 
Place of Origin: Pingxiang,Jiangxi,China
Port:  Shanghai / Beihai China

We can supply below effect. And product can be customized according to customer requirements:
“Peony, Wave, Strobe, Brocade crown, Crackling, Chrys., Glitering, Palmtree, Willow, Gold Ti willow, Mine, Waterfall, Butterfly, Red heart, Smile face, Crossette, Cossette circle, Octopus, Moving star, Whistling, Whirl, With Report, With tail, With pistil…”

Product name Total powder weight for each item (g) Effect height
182s 20mm FAN (Z) – Whistling to chrys 2293.2 42m
182s 20mm FAN (Z) – Whistling to white strobe;Whistling to red strobe;Whistling to green strobe;Whistling to chrys. 2293.2 42m
182s 20mm FAN (Z) – Whistling to silver strobe;Whistling to gold strobe;Whistling to red strobe;Whistling to green strobe 2293.2 42m
182s 20mm FAN (Z) – Whistling to silver fish;Whistling to red fish;Whistling to green fish;Whistling to yellow fish 2293.2 42m
182s 20mm FAN (Z) – Whistling to silver red star;Whistling to green star;Whistling to blue star;Whistling to yellow star;Whistling to purple star 2293.2 42m

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  • Wide application: celebration meetings, theatrical festival, open celebration, wedding ceremony, birthday party, magnificent sports meeting, all kinds of fair opening ceremony.

    Why choose JINPING FIREWORKS ?
    We have a professional and united, stable, hardworking service team from label design,quality checking,EX number application,CE number application, new products development and shipping etc.
    Professional inspection team offering strict internal quality control sevices :
    A. sample confirmation before production begins;
    B. Inspection during normal production run ;
    C. Inspection and recording after the production run;
    D. On time delivery guarantee

    ● What is MOQ for each item?
    A: For each item, the MOQ is 100 cartons. For whole, the MOQ is a full of 20 FT container. Because the fireworks cannot be mixed with general products when deliverly.

    ● Can you offer OEM or Private Label services?
    A: We are pleased to provide OEM or Private Label services, which depend on your requirements.

    ● Can you send me a sample?
    A: Sample service will be provide. Welcome to visit our factory in Pingxiang City,Jiangxi Province. And we will arrange the samples for you at night, so you can test our effect and quality.

    JINPING FIREWORKS is a professional fireworks factory which was established in 1968. We can offer more than 3,000 varieties of firework items: display shells, cakes, combination fireworks, roman candles, anti bird shells etc.. Each year, more than 500,000 cartons of fireworks are exported to markets of European , USA, South America, South-East Asia, Africa, and Middle East. The clients are satisfied with our fireworks products, because of the various and attractive effects, competitive price and stable high quality.

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